2017: Reflect, Reset, Go!

I have been fantasizing about writing and sharing my heart and lessons about what God has been doing. I would like a playground to share my life, and I believe in order to connect with people of all areas of the world, blogging at this moment in time is best.

Hello! Welcome. I am so happy to be writing again.  I have been so afraid to speak and share and write for so long that I believe there is not better time than now. And I am grateful.

My birthday is coming soon. I know what will happen that day. I will wake up. Check my phone eat breakfast head out the door and perhaps do some yoga. Get a massage. Do dinner or show with friends. And call it a day, yet… I know that God is good.

I know I could be subject to listening to those whispers of.. where is everyone.. why is no one around on your birthday.. why aren’t you further in life.. WHY WHY WHY. BUT NO. BUT NO. I will choose to love my birthday because I have come so far. I work hard on growth and improvement and following God. I work well with my life.

But God. He is able to do more than we could ever imagine or dream of.  

January 1st is coming. Quite honestly,  this six day space is one of my favorite times of year.  People are hustling and traveling and spending time with family but yet my favorite, REFLECTION TIME!  What is reflection time you might ask? Well its the time when you look back on the year and your time from your perspective/memory. What did you accomplish? What do you look forward to doing next year?  I am taking some time to reflect and goal set for next year. I am starting this blog as accountability to myself to write whether anyone takes the time to read or not.


I know that 2017 is going to be a great year.  I am wishing you blessings and honor and rest in the next few days as you begin a kick ass year~


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