Brooklyn Bridge

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with what to write because I have all of these thoughts swirling in my head  but when time comes to write, I go blank.  In acting they have something called a fourth wall where they block people out.

I went to the Brooklyn Bridge for my birthday.

I realized as I approach 30 this year I am crossing over.

I am crossing over into adulthood. Actually caring about a 401(k) accounting and living a life that is not about glorifying myself or what I stand for but about God.

I want to live a life well lived and fought for and sought after. I want to leave an imprint in society where people know that God is real and he is alive and that his favor rests on those who seek his face.

While on the bridge I knew I had to keep moving.

So while sometimes rest is essential and slowing down, so is movement and doing.  I take the Sabbath but the other six days of the week, I am committed to working hard and tearing down any strongholds and incorrect thinking that I still hold.

I look forward to this year.

Happy 2017!


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