Fashion Accelerator

I received an email from Gofundme, as a reminder to send an email. I thought the timing would be just right given winter is ending and spring is quickly approaching. So long bitter cold— :))


For the past eight or nine weeks I have been in class, the day after I was fully funded.

I have been so grateful and humbled by this experience. I have been dreaming of starting my own company for many years just didn’t know where to go or start.

I was so motivated and moved to launch the campaign and take the course it was all-consuming.


So fast has the experience come and gone. The wind is howling outside. My room is a bit chilly. My mind is on many things, personal and not so personal.  Hence winter is slowly fading,  anticipation for spring has begun. With class ending in twoish weeks, I am nervous but confident.

I am so honored that God would allow me to pursue my dream of creating things and trying to improve people’s lives through alievating poverty. I have learned that this is not an easy task but big dreams never are. It will be worth it.

For now you will find me studying, researching and being led by the Holy Spirit as to where the company will go.

Great things take time. So will this.


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