Where do we go from here?

I often wonder what will become of the rest of the year.

I feel messy. Unorganized.

I wonder if I will “get it together?”

The negative self-talk not only unhelpful but depleting.

I have too many directions I want to go and I can’t decide so I don’t move.

Stuck. Upset that I’m stuck.


So my friends, if you are stuck.. why?

Decision fatigue is real. Unable to make decisions out of fear or consequences is a reality.

Write down three things you wish to accomplish this week.

Simplicity in the midst of confusion. Narrow down your focus. Keep your focus and gaze on the thing of most importance.

I will share three writing goals:

  1. Interview people I meet and share their business, story, whatever but not just another interview. Life lessons abbreviated. Hard work accomplished through wisdom.
  2. Write about a brand each week that improves society, the environment or create a company culture worth mirroring.
  3. Write and share, without a. oversharing and b. not keeping certain things to myself

Don’t let your mind overtake your emotions and dictate your day. Keep your sights set on what you want and give yourself the grace when you’re fighting an internal battle.



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