Part 30: 30 in 30 on 30.

Quality/ Quantity:

I think I can confuse quality with quantity.

I think I can believe more is more. My need for extra, whether that be activities, spending, or people. I know the more I have planned, and the well-meaning activities and coffee dates, the less I have to extend to others. Stretched thin.


This year I want to take the time to pour more into the people I love and the activities I enjoy doing. Instead of doing something out of obligation or guilt or because it’s the Godly thing to do, choosing to not do it. Doing what’s right for self which ultimately is a benefit for others.


Part 27: 30 in 30 on 30.


Get a good night’s rest.  If you need to restore from a hard week, take a couple of hours and sleep. Allow time for yourself, especially if you are on vacation.  Let your body heal and feel rejuvenated, you will be a better person for it.


Its okay to go to bed early, its okay to stay up, by nature I am a night owl.  I know what my body needs more so than I used to.

A friend of mine offered advice on matters such as sleep and decision paralysis said, “A lot of times when I am making decisions or unclear with the next move or step I need to make or why am I doing what I am doing, asks himself, am I tired, hungry, sleepy or lonely?”  Giving him better leverage on how to move forward with where he wants to go and from what perspective or need he is doing so. Now I step back and ask myself these questions; stepping back allows me to see where I am and what I need in that moment.

ha det!

Part 26: 30 in 30 on 30.

Little Things,

Dear Self,

It’s the small things.

The seemingly meaningless acts are in the thank you notes.  The gesture of  a gift; the gesticulation of appreciation, the motion of thoughtfulness.


[Ness] suffix – added to adjectives to form nouns that refer to a quality or a condition


Remember these little things: it’s in the wrapping.  These “things,” like smiling, are  important – you will forget to do them.  Certain moments will remind you to keep practicing these acts.

Kisses on the forehead.


Extend grace, so much grace because one day you will need it too. From my experience you will be thankful for it: Grace. Learn to embrace the small things, remaining unbound to the perfection of it.  Try not to let the small things pass.  It is an ingredient towards excellence.  It is within the minute details that creates perfection.

selamat tinggal


Part 25: 30 in 30 on 30.

It takes a Village.

I believe every time we progress in life or take a step forward it is because of five other people behind the scenes helping, motivating, and/or empowering us.  I know I would not be where I am today without fifteen people behind me.  Its like a pit crew- it takes finesse, ease, and the appropriate strategies to move forward.  At the end of the day i believe you need to surround yourself with people who want to see you

It is no accident we have certain people in our life at various seasons. In my experience, I believe people genuinely want to do the right things.  We fail, often. Other times we succeed and do impressive things, beautiful things in fact, but it is not because we did it alone. We need other people.

Part 24: 30 in 30 on 30.


I feel like I have spent a lot of my life hating the way I look in the mirror.

I looked at my reflection the other day and I thought, I need to love myself.

So today, I choose to love myself and stop judging. I am choosing to stop being in a war with my outward appearance.

I choose to stop silently judging myself on every single thing I wear or don’t wear or lifestyle choices and trends because the world says to look or say or do or be like this or that. You can’t keep up. I refuse to reduce my self worth to that of a L’Oréal campaign or model who is a professional in the industry.

In reality we are beautiful:  fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

The world wants us to hate ourselves; yet God created us exactly as He intended. I am not a mistake nor are you.

You possess a beauty deep within you: an intuition, a trust, a confidence and boldness- that is sexy.

Kindness is the most beautiful sight in the whole world, especially in a cute outfit.


Part 23: 30 in 30 on 30.

Decorate your life.


Decorate your life with rainbows and sprinkles, blue wigs accompanied with friends and hair bows with turtles and unicorns. Adorn your life with color; put on fake snowman nails and sprinkle cookies with a dash of love and fairy dust. Laugh.


Stop worrying so much about plans and time and embellish the important parts. Bedecking isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity- like a cupcake without frosting, this is a life devoid of whimsy and fun. Decorate. It’s more fun anyway.


Part 22: 30 in 30 on 30.


Our families are not perfect.

In life we aren’t granted anything. Admittedly, at times I have taken my family for granted, not intentionally but I have. My heart sinks at the times I could have been a better daughter, a better listener, to be more grateful of what I have been given. Not seeing their value or appreciating them in the moment is my own selfishness. I pray God will always open my eyes to see the best in my family at all times, including my future husband.

I believe as human beings we do the best we can do with our resources talents and time and that’s all we can do. We don’t wake up and say I want to be mediocre today, no. We want our families to be great.
I would not change my family because I know I am loved, cared for, seen and known.

I believe family to be the singlehandedly most important piece to a healthy and vibrant life minus good friends, good health and happy career aka doing what you love.

My prayer during this season to enjoy the precious moments with your family and breathe it in. We are not promised anything. There are a lot of things in life we can get back, but time is not one. Friends may your holidays be blessed, bright and full of whatever lights your family up! Byee


Part21: 30 in 30 on 30

Be Still.

Be Still and know I am God- Psalm46:10.

In certain seasons God tells us to stop doing and be. Be Still. Tuning into the frequency of the Still small voice is essential. Elijah didn’t see god in the Earth quake, he found him in the wind. Trust Him.

6448C43D-0A7F-4C66-85C2-BA7A72F571FFThere are moments when you want to move, take action, but a lot of time, God wants you to rest in His judgement, timing, process.  I want certain things to be done on my timeline so badly but these things can’t be rushed, they can’t be expedited, an overnight delivery selection unavailable. It can be excruciating to wait – to let tick-tocks, to not see progress, results, answers, help even.

His timing also proves a beautiful space of asking poignant questions, seeking God’s face. Also taking the moment to reassess, regroup, reroute the course. I believe schedule disruptions and plans are an opportunity to ask God where am I? What am I doing here? Where am I headed? Choosing stillness isn’t a punishment it’s a gift.