30 in 30 on the 30.

Hooray! I am turning 30 in thirty days on the 30th of December. #notabigdeal#wow



Disclaimer: This is based solely on personal and situational life experiences. Your life and choices and past may vary grately to mine. Beautiful. I don’t want to interject my wounds and pain and beauty onto yours and say this is a truth, this just happens to compass of experience.  This is a way of sharing and communicating to whomever as I relay my path as it includes rockiness and exhilarating times, almost like a roller coaster and horrible situations, ultimately leading me to The Light- Jesus. The  journey of self – exploration and figuring out hard truths that aren’t always spelled out in text books. May you be blessed during this month.  I want to dedicate this blog series to my Jesus, who saved me.

____________________         __________________             __________

This is a birthday gift to myself because I must prove to myself that I can finish well despite what my circumstances are, despite what’s happening in the natural, contrary to what I may feel right now. In lieu of the lies, can you finish anything? You have lots of dreams but can you start and actually finish what you began? I feel like I’m being taunted.

I feel shame. I have so many ideas some of which are being done (by other people) at the moment. I have ideas for apps some are out there some aren’t but the point is that I am tired of sitting on great ideas and not executing them.Does this happen to you? If so, let’s chat. If you are a life coach and have wisdom, please message me.

Which leads me to why I am writing this 30 day series of snippets of #30in30onthe30th.

I had a plan, a thought to make this a, “What I’ve learned in thirty years” series. I feel like I know so little. Therefore I will share a nugget a day of whatever I feel like is placed on my heart, I hope that in some capacity one person is moved to think or feel or move.

So for today:

Dear 18 year old:


Put money in a savings. Start investing NOW. Not tomorrow- now.

Always have an emergency fund. If you live in NYC, this is vital to your life, especially if you are a freelancer/artist/ whatever side hustle game you have going. I have had three jobs in the past six months that have just ended,  my $900 rent is due two days later. It happens. If you don’t have that emergency fund you will find yourself scrambling, which trust me, gets old. So save save save.

I have taken Dave Ramsey’s financial peace class – TWICE. Once in the south and one in NYC because finances and lifestyle and spending and eating are 100% contrary to each other.

Alright. So long story short save, invest, and always have emergency fund.


Au revoir_

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