Part 2: 30 in 30 on the 30

Today as I sit down I draw a blank. I keep hearing Be Kind to yourself. Be gentle. Listen to your needs. Slow down if you need to. Speed up if life is proceeding as slow as a funeral, you are alive. IMG_0010

I was googling something a few months ago and much to my delight my favorite author Cheryl Strayed had a play (Tiny Beautiful Things) adapted to the stage at The Public Theater.


First and foremost I have been obsessed with Ms. Strayed’s writing for a few years now. When I read Wild, I was weeping on my couch. When I turned 27, I saw the movie in theaters. I instantly felt this attachment to her and the ability to address the human heart, in such a way that chokes me every time I think about her writing.

As I was looking at the dates and times of this show, I thought to myself I must go. Completely out of my budget, but if I save for it I will go. I did. Today in fact. And I wept, silently, in the dark theatre next to a well-dressed man who smelled like garlic.

I honestly haven’t been giddy to see anything as much as Tiny Beautiful Things. The only thing missing was Cheryl herself.

I teared up before going into the show, I cried during the performance and I left feeling opened with emotion; similar to someone taking a bat to a piñata and proceeding to beat it until the candy comes pouring out.

I am moved by people who express their pain honestly and openly.  Often times people don’t vocalize their life and their mistakes and their sorrow. A few brave ones do.

When people address the hard stuff, people get healed.  When commoners wrote into Dear Sugar, they needed clarity, answers from a non- biased perspective. Sometimes people just want to know someone cares. Sometimes we need advice.


I am not sure what lesson is nestled in this story. I do pray the Lord speaks to you. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle. Listen to your needs because it might just feed someone else.





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