Part 5- Healing With Your Parents: 30 in 30 on the 30.

Make peace with your parents. I don’t know what that means for you and your family but no one is perfect.  If that means forgiveness than forgive. If that means opening a door to communication then I release courage and bravery over you to make the first step.

In retrospect, I understand certain decisions and parental calls but while growing up, I didn’t, so many emotions.  #raginghormones

I love my parents greatly because they made hard calls. They looked to the future and what they wanted for me, not short term decisions but thinking in the long run what is best for me and my life. I am extremely grateful.


After prom my sophomore year, I turned my cell phone off. Proceeding prom was the after-party. Around 4 AM my mom pulled up in her red BMW as I was sipping from vodka and orange juice out of my red solo cup. We were all standing on the front porch in the southern style home we were partying at. Mortified but internally grateful I begrudgingly left. We went to Waffle House. We ate. I passed out. We went to the the beach the next day. As I was pulling bobby pins out of my strategically styled hair from the night before, I felt something plop on my back. It was seagull poop. It smelled like fish. Predictable. I deserved it. I knew I had hurt her. I knew my mom loved me. I knew she was hurt because I didn’t communicate with her.  I thought it was so unfair everyone else could stay out all night. Looking back how foolish. Curfews are for your protection not punishment. Maybe God’s boundaries are the same. His protection and his no’s and his closing of doors are for your best. His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

Make peace with your parents. If making peace with your family truly isn’t an option, I pray healing comes into your heart. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon.




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