Part 6: 30 in 30 on the 30.

Today, let’s talk joy. I believe life can be quite hard. So hard that you just want to grit your teeth and then give up. It will cause you to feel like someone took a baseball bat to your belly and fall over writhing in pain. You will feel so distraught, so damaged and bruised and hurt you feel like you may never get up again. Friend. You will survive. You must get up and get to it. You must be brave. You must fight for what you believe. This may be as small as finding your way out of a ticket you didn’t deserve. Fight. Take a breath. Breathe. You are going to make it I promise. Joy, you ask. Yes joy. There will be times when you have five dollars in the bank, all of your friends have abandoned, and your job that brought you so much joy, well that’s no longer. You have nothing to cling to. Joy, that’s when you choose it. In the face of despair. You don’t choose it because it’s a cute quote or saying, you choose it because that’s all you have in the moment.





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