Part21: 30 in 30 on 30

Be Still.

Be Still and know I am God- Psalm46:10.

In certain seasons God tells us to stop doing and be. Be Still. Tuning into the frequency of the Still small voice is essential. Elijah didn’t see god in the Earth quake, he found him in the wind. Trust Him.

6448C43D-0A7F-4C66-85C2-BA7A72F571FFThere are moments when you want to move, take action, but a lot of time, God wants you to rest in His judgement, timing, process.  I want certain things to be done on my timeline so badly but these things can’t be rushed, they can’t be expedited, an overnight delivery selection unavailable. It can be excruciating to wait – to let tick-tocks, to not see progress, results, answers, help even.

His timing also proves a beautiful space of asking poignant questions, seeking God’s face. Also taking the moment to reassess, regroup, reroute the course. I believe schedule disruptions and plans are an opportunity to ask God where am I? What am I doing here? Where am I headed? Choosing stillness isn’t a punishment it’s a gift.


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