Happy New Year!!!! πŸŽˆπŸŽ†πŸŽŠ


Hi friends!

Welcome to the New Year! It’s been nothing short of uneventful, if you ask me!

I wanted to share a few things and call it a day.

First off, I am normally very organized and grounded at the start of the year but without a clear vision for the upcoming months. This year, 2018, I have started the year off with a move back to Harlem in the frigid cold. I moved in an Uber XL, typical fashion of course. I almost (key word: almost) have grown to love these moves. Ha.

I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with my Uber drivers. Always a He~ this particular Uber driver, Wei says, β€œNo way,” as he picks me in his mini-van. Β After playing Tetris with my belongings we drive away from Cornelia Street.Β  Wei says, β€œNever had I ever believe your stuff would fit!” Laughing. Chuckling. β€œYour bed and all- it fit!”

Out of Bushwick I went. I was glad to leave Bushwick- the home of too much drinking (speaking for myself!)

Which leads to my second point. I am not drinking this year. I am taking a year of sobriety and cleansing. Leading to my third point/ topic:

Have you picked a word for the year, if so what is it?


My home church (PC3) is the pioneer for β€˜my one word’- Β a construct for the new year instead of creating resolutions which ultimately seem to crumble a few months later.

Third, I am going to be intentional about building a stronger community and deeper friendships and dating!! Bring on the good looking men who love Jesus and females!

PS I have wanted to run a half marathon for the past 7 years and now is the time.

PSS if you need prayer this month in particular hit me up via insta: ___choosejoy___  😎❀️

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