Do You Take Yourself Seriously?

Taking yourself seriously.

Do you?

You should.
I have wasted about ten years not taking myself seriously. For a long time I have believed I am worthless. After the past month I have realized that is simply not true. My skill set and gifts are very different than a lot of people’s. I can choose to hate myself because I differ than a lot of mainstreamers or own my difference in taste opinions how I choose to live my life. NY has allowed me to see that being different and creative and thinking outside the box is great.

I love business though I don’t have a degree. I love interacting with startups because the passion the naivety the courage is in full throttle. I love entrepreneurs because they are going for it despite the risk they could fail. You can’t worry about failure because it is inevitable but as a famous navy seal said fail falling forward. You can do anything you want to do. I wish I had committed to myself and my beliefs and honestly owning who I am before the age of thirty. I envision myself becoming an amazing business woman who is savvy and brilliant and people seek her from all over for mentoring those who travel the road less traveled it’s a scary path pursuing the dreams God has put in your heart. You must not give up. You must stay strong and fight. At the end of your life do not wish you had done something else or different. Even worse playing it safe. Stop it. Don’t worry about tomorrow.We can’t live in the past or fear the future. We can’t loose hope. Stay focused.

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