Vacation zzz

I just got back from a much needed vacation with my family.



Every year in the summer we go to a secluded mountain area and relax. This week was the kid’s spring break and I needed a much needed respite from my life.

To breathe. To recover. To unwind mentally emotionally heck even physically. After a series of events the past few months I was emotionally done. It’s amazing what limited wifi and technology can do for your creativity. I was afraid that I didn’t continue at my manic pace nothing was going to get done & I was going to die. Well I didn’t. Much to my surprise my productivity level has been out the roof. I have been able to concentrate and get everything done that needed to get done. While mountain-ing , I participated in some arts and crafts with my Neice. I played silly games and puzzled. I jumped in the freezing cold lake with my nephew and then back to the hot tub- my own version of the Russian and Turkish baths. I breathed in fresh mountain air; I inhaled air while hiking with my family and exhaled negativity and stress and worry and self hatred. I got to reconnect to my parents and my sister and her kids.


Relationships have a tendency to weave in and out, kind of like car maintenance. It must be up kept and attended to because if you don’t work on it and or examine under the hood (or kinks in the system if it were a computer), something may be bound to break down a little later on in the road. You will wonder what happened? You might think shoot I haven’t had an inspection in a few years. Oops. Relationships take time and effort.

It’s good to check in.
It’s good to check out.
It’s good to come back.

Here’s to vacations and giving yourself rest and relaxation. Here is to checking in with your breath so you can exhale freshness to others. Here’s to checking in more regularly with yourself in order to ask others are.

This was the first vacation I have actually been able to rest for a very long time. I often exist in these beautiful places but never able to let go. The other day the termite man came and examined the house and gave a general estimate of cost. While he was leaving, he said, “when I go on vacation I always tell my wife to leave it here. It’s going to be here so let it go.” I thought what a wise man.

Advice comes in all shapes and sizes and voices and decibels levels, young and geriatric. Be good to


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