One of my favorite past times, and ways to generate income is to fix and refinish pieces of furniture. I love saving things people discard and remaking them into something beautiful.

I have been working on a piece of High Point Furniture. Working on as in sitting in my work space.


I decided its time to start.

I started chipping away at this thick cabinet only to find the paint wasn’t going anywhere.  Too many layers of paint encrusted.  I took to it a chemical paint stripper.  As I was scratching away the layers with the paint scraper it made me think of my life. An accumulation of layers: False identities, labels, beliefs, values or perceived values, friends, loved ones, character traits, roles. Sometimes we begin to take on a different form, a different shade of what we originally intended our life to be colored by.

We make and craft ourselves to be vibrant with color, but still chipped by illusion.

Sometimes, the process of discovery and uncovering what’s underneath is like a treasure hunt. Uncovering grains and wood and patterns is like magic!

Great things take time like people, objects, stories, songs, patience, and love. The thought of this cabinet becoming a the masterpiece it was originally intended keeps the desire to keep working alive- not because of my hands but because of what it originally was created to be- a work of art to be treasured, valued.  Restoration to a place of perfection. We expect perfection without the grace of time to get there. Instant or else. Great things aren’t finished in a day. Things collapse, fall apart and  often times they need a little space and time to be remodeled.

This process taps me on the shoulder like a little child who needs a little love, gently tapping to get my attention. A loving reminder to let go of my insecurities, and false identities, past failures and short comings.  These protective coats no longer serve or are beautiful.

In this season of life, I am beginning to see things about myself that have accumulated like the paint, such as dust, grime, and imperfections. I can’t disguise or apply more paint to alter truth or pain or unfounded labels.

I don’t want to be a manicured distortion of reality.  Layer by layer, truth by truth, root by root we uncover ourselves, as we are, pining away at the gem beneath the surface.

I begin forging ahead with grit to the finish line of completion, as the natural wood begins to surface, and shine through, it’s beautiful.


(Note: this is not the actual restoration)

all my love and paint 🎨 ,



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