Great Things Take Time

In a society where things are expected to be fast some things just take more time.
I have been doing a lot of study on trees, specifically the black walnut tree. As someone who is fascinated by money- passive incomes, side hustles, finances, budgeting, the stock market, savings, how to spend money wisely, Roth IRA, (other terms I am still trying to figure out :))  investing, etc. Through research I have stumbled upon the infamous black walnut tree. Well, what is so special about this here walnut tree? I will tell you. This is often referred to as the Walnut IRA. It doesn’t bring immediate income but in thirty to forty years, you have quite an investment. You may not even be the beneficiary, but someone will be. Each tree has the potential to be worth 10k- take ten of those that’s a nice gift later in life. My FAVORITE thing about trees, is that they start from a seed. A baby. An inkling. So small in fact you could squash it and wouldn’t even know. Yes, once they are planted in the right soil and environment, nurtured and properly taken care of, they begin to develop and grow. Then in turn, bearing fruit. Lastly, when fully matured and if need be, used for the wood or shade. Thus, the walnut IRA comes into play.


I went to a childhood friend’s house for her daughter’s first birthday bringing my niece as a guest last a few weekends ago. I was playing a suburban mom for the weekend. She has a house with a garage and is moving to have more space for her second child, due in a few months. Sigh. I am single, childless, and still figuring out my way, my business, my ideas, dreams, trying to trust God hasn’t forgotten about me. Yet as much as culture and society, and the beliefs around speak about marriage and the immediacy of things, I know things don’t happen overnight. Successful people aren’t born that way- they work for it. Friendships are not built in a day, they take time to nurture and grow. Relationships, I am by NO MEANS a relationship expert but from what I can tell they are the most valuable, rewarding, and time consuming and growth inducing experience. They take time and trust and love and fresh water and sunlight and air and room to breathe. It needs space, it needs attention.

I was gathered around a big circle with a group of women a few weeks ago last – about 30, in their twenties thirties and forties, celebrating a beautiful woman getting married. The women were prompted to share their wisdom and advice for her. I keep stumbling upon (not searching) for advice on men. I am clueless, so this is quite helpful for me. One of the women said, “Do not belittle or put down your husband when you are in the presence of others.” Another said, ‘treat him with respect.’ ‘Honor him.’ A woman married for thirty-three years said, she asks herself every morning, “What can I do for my husband to day to make his life better today?” ‘How you treat your family is a good indication of how you will treat your man.’

All this to say- it made me want to love those around me with greater respect and love. No prospects in sight but I do believe in the value of nurturing those in my inner and outer circle with care and love and kindness. Water them with love, mercy and grace. Planting seeds of hope, dignity and worth into those I do life with.
Making sure they are planted where they need to be – do they have light, are they being taken care of, are they where they need to be? Are they drowning because there is no hold to let water out? Are they dry- do they need to be refreshed? Plants, trees, vegetative life can be like humans in the sense that they bloom and flourish where they are nurtured.

With all that to be said, beautiful things take time. It will be worth it. The smallest things often have the greatest yield.

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