Jess Reedy – 🍍Pineapple Studios

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess Reedy a few years ago while searching for yoga studios in Wilmington, NC. She is the owner and front runner behind Pineapple Studios. Her eye for aesthetics never ceases to amaze me. Simplicity and grace align her walls- a color scheme of gray and yellow a place that stimulates peace, tranquility and creativity.

While finishing up her last two years at East Carolina University, she dreamed of building a pottery and yoga studio, and began creating a viable business plan.   At East Carolina University, she majored in studio arts with a concentration in ceramics.

While in college, she visited a friend in Wilmington. She knew instantly this would be a dream location to sustain her business plan.  Therefore, she set out to open a studio in Wilmington.

Before Pineapple Studios, she spent time teaching yoga to private clients and professional athletes. Her interest with yoga began in high school, watching DVDs in her room long before the days of dozens of studios gracing US cities.  As luck may have it, Jess met a woman named Diane, who encouraged her to get her yoga certification at a time when very few people in her scope of field were certified.

While beginning her career, she had the experience of working at a gym that was abusive. As she was walking out of work one day, she was approached by someone asking, ‘if she [Jess] would like to be a private instructor for Dave Mirra and his family?’ She responded with a “YES!”

Jess went on to teach the Mirra family for several years.  She realized private instruction and living the life of a traveling instructor did not fulfil her purpose. Ms. Reedy expanded upon private instruction and her experience, stating, ‘some people think of yoga as self-focused but explained most people have specific goals in mind.’

Ultimately, Jess found the juxtaposition of travel and being sedentary with traveling to different jobs created an unnecessary tension in the body.  “The lack of art in her life, was missing and it was evident,” she says.

Thus, Pineapple Studios was born.


jess10         Check her out! //  IG @pineapplestudios

Jess Reedy- Owner of the Yoga, Ceramics, and Wellness studio in Downtown Wilmington, NC




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