water will rise.

Waiting is a weird thing.

When you know something catastrophic is coming, but you can’t quite comprehend the effects, the damage, or what will be devastated when it’s over.  I am speaking  about the hurricane that is coming, Florence.  We have weathered many hurricanes Fran, Bertha, Floyd but this hurricane is different.  That’s okay.  You prepare, you do the best you can do, with what resources and time you have, and that’s that.  You decide to go or to stay.  I chose to stay for several reasons.  A) It’s a time to bond and connect to people you would never see or speak to in your normal routine.  B. I know people will need help and I am physically able; therefore, I am available.  C. I want to see the storm.

I am sleeping downstairs tonight in the case our roof does fly off. We have water, canned goods, ice to salvage items in the fridge, boarded up the windows, and take care of loose items that would crash into the house.

I find hurricanes wake people up.  Wilmington became woke once they knew this storm was coming.  flo

I was running the loop on Monday, a 2.45 circular area to run at the beach.  I glanced at a house on the intercostal and I saw an elderly gentleman sorrowfully looking down with his peppered hair and his shoulders hanging.  I don’t know what was going on in his head, but you could see it on his body.  The next day I was driving around, observing the current state and momentum happening, at Wrightsville Beach.  wrightsvile

I passed by this house again the following day and there was a moving truck. He was unloading his stuff from his house.

The winds will come.

The water will rise.

But God is in control.

Jesus silenced the wind and waters and the waves, he rebuked them in fact. The disciples were afraid of the violent squall.  They cried out to Jesus, wondering if he cared if they drown? He said to them, why are you so afraid? If Jesus can calm the storm he can do anything.

It would seem like God has forsaken our city. People’s prayers going up like incense.  But he hasn’t. God is still in charge. His hand rests on our city. I am not shaken no matter what comes our way because I know who holds my future.

Waiting. Watching. &Praying

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