Day 3: Online Encounters; Brevity reflected moments or lack there of.😀

Online dating is unusual territory.

First you have to have the pics.

Are your pictures good enough to show the world of C+ men, you are a well rounded individual. Your world that consists of a high paying job, tons of friends, and social commitments. While balancing other aspects of life such as lifestyle activities, philanthropy and side hustles. Oh yea and do you have an eight pack?

If you are on Bumble the dating app, (I am not), the woman initiates the conversation. Who has time?

You have to weed through the riff raf of sexual induendos, the initial first comment of normalcy to completely gross and inappropriate banter, wanting only one thing. What they actually need they don’t actually know they need it. To the intense pen pals and catfishy men who only want emotional support and have no intention of meeting. Granted this is only been a month and some change it feels like forever. I’m sure these men will still be on here if I were to log on months later. Same gimmicks lines and all. I’ve been playing around with the apps and pictures. The comments. Disappointed with the lack of inspiration behind the dialogue and boring questions.

The conversations are short.

The dialogue lacks luster.

Too quick too fast too soon.

I meet a few good ones here and there..

Honestly it’s a little discouraging. Actually discouraging is a gross understatement. It’s fucking depressing.

It was funny because I bought juice the other night and I recognized a guy in the Christian world. I thought to myself that’s a quality man. I deleted my dating apps. I want a man like that. Where are they, I thought to myself? Not that I’m looking for a husband, I just want to find quality men to date not neccessarily settle down with.

I hear Henry Cloud’s voice in the back of my head. Talk to  men in real life.

I’m completing some work at the coffee shop, I’m at the bar. A nice looking guy came over after we made eye contact. I did a quick scan. He asked,“If he could sit down.” I said, “yes.”I thought this is my chance. He sat down. I kept hearing talk to him. Who knows?

I mentioned something about the intense sounds coming from my illigetimately manufactured phone. He laughs, and says, “He didn’t hear it.” I laugh. He sees a lady friend coming in and says, “It was nice talking. Have a good night.” That was it.

Getting far pretty fast 🙈

I felt a little stupid for initiating the conversation. Did he think I was hitting on him? Sigh. I guess it doesn’t really matter? I tried, right?

This is the dating life of a single. Or at least mine? Small steps. Small steps.






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