Day 5: 31 in 31 – FUN!


I’ve been thinking about the word fun. By definition fun means :

1: what provides amusement or enjoyment specifically : playful often boisterous action or speechfull of fun
2: a mood for finding or making amusement all in fun
3: amusement, enjoyment

It’s a question I’ve come to ask myself over the past few years. When the socially imposed ideas of what’s supposed to be fun is no longer thrown in your face. On the contrary if youre still in the social construct of enforced fun,  learning to choose your own opinions of what fun is.

I’d say I’ve spent about the last 7 years figuring out what makes me come alive and if I’m being truthful, still figuring out things I enjoy doing and what I consider to be “fun,” by definition. All the while, being honest with myself and others, about what I do and don’t like.

What makes me tick?

Something that seems to be consistently coming up, whether that’s in feedback, general conversations, hobbies or business – just be you. Just be you. Just be you.

So what’s fun for you?

Does it make you come alive? Do you feel invigorated? Joyful? Peaceful? Alive. content.

If you are bored or stale, do something different. If you don’t know where to begin look at mood boards.

Don’t look back on your life and wonder where it went and why you look old and are boring and always unhappy and stressed. The Bible literally says don’t worry about anything. Anything. Nothing. Stop worrying. Enjoy your life RIGHT NOW. Where ever you are, whatever you’re doing. Have some fun. Lighten up. What did you like to do as a child?!

Have some fun. Bye!

PS don’t forget to tell me about it!

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