Day 6: Loose thoughts.

I need to plan these posts better instead of writing them at 11:20.. sleeping would be better. Nicer. Ah. Just not enough time in the day. It’s a busy season and I enjoy it. I’ve had slow seasons. Really slow seasons. There was learning in them. Fast seasons have their pluses too. You have to discipline yourself to address what needs to get done, do, see, take care of. There’s only a certain amount of time and you have to make time for what’s important.  It’s good; say yes. Say no. Do what works for you.

I went on a date tonight. It was fun.

Dating is fun if you don’t look at the other person as your potential husband but a human being. Curious when we meet people?

I had a good beer and good conversation so I’m going to bed.

Loose thoughts.

Goodbye ~

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