The Stamp

The Stamp

Sometimes we keep waiting for things to come, and they never do. They don’t come. We wait. We say, “I will begin when this happens or that works out,” and it doesn’t.

Maybe we are waiting for the icing on the cake when we really need to buy the ingredients for the whole cake and begin to create because the icing is the last part of the process. 

Really the icing is just a minuscule part of a cake. Yes it’s delicious but it’s also dangerous too. I started writing this about not waiting to begin but now I’m starting to wonder if icing is about sex in marriage. You need other ingredients to have a successful healthy marriage not just a physical attraction. 

Last week I was waiting for a stamp. A very important stamp. 



It had been stuck in Fayetteville, NC a hub for Wilmington’s mail. When you mail a letter from here, it goes to Fayetteville and then comes back here🤷🏼‍♂️

It was stuck there for days and days like the box was tucked in some dark corner of a mail room or lodged in a crevice never to be found.



I had stalled to begin because I thought this stamp would help jump start the journey of preparing for this event, but it was actually the least important part. We think if we have this symbolic thing like a stamp, it qualifies us; making our business seem more legit. Maybe like a wedding ring. Like maybe thinking, when I am married I will be a more legitimate human being? 

Maybe I will be taken more seriously if I’m married. Honestly, that’s not true. I am an equal human being not being married. My business is still real without a stamp, an emblem to show the rest of the world Brooklyn Babe exists. It’s real because I’ve been collecting quality pieces and garments for years saving them for a certain moment in time. 

I have come a long way to heal mental and physical trauma that has happened to me. I have been working. This whole time. It’s not something that you gain accolades or awards for but it makes you a nicer person while contributing to society.

I pray I will be a better wife, if and when I get married if that’s what the Lord has in store for me? If marriage is not what the Lord has called me to, I will enjoy my life without icing but fruit on top. (I would love the icing😊.) We don’t always get what we what but we get what we need. I love the Lord and I’d rather his will for my life than my own. 

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