I hadn’t planned on going to yoga tonight but I did. The only class that was available was the basic yoga class. No heat no crazy name like hot and hold or slow hot flow or vinyasa reggae. Just basic yoga-  how boring and unchallenging and un-intense, I thought. When I practiced however, I felt so good. Instead of rushing through and having the intensity of the heat serve as a distraction, it was just me and my breath.Slowing down. Holding postures more intentionally, instead of manipulation or overusing certain body parts. Realigning in a way.

So sometimes basic is good. Basic isn’t boring it’s just going back to the foundation.

I feel like we do this with Christianity. We over complicate; have crazy Christianese and make things that aren’t central to the Gospel of Jesus the thing.

Jesus loves us. We are sinners we forgive because we have been forgiven.. oh yea and let’s love our neighbor, that’s it. I don’t know, Christian culture annoys me and frustrates me and neglects, sometimes all three in one experience. I feel less judged by non-Christians than Christians. I always feel outside the circle when it comes to Christianity and the cliques.  I’m cool with it because Jesus knows my heart. ❤️ ♥️ 💜

Finding Christian community has proven challenging this season after moving home. Where do I fit? I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.

Wilmington was designed to be apart of a grander scheme yet it continues to fall short in terms of community. Let’s embrace one another and stop judging them for what they look like, say or do and pay attention to what they have to say!

Everyone’s got a story. Maybe we should stop and listen and stop trying to figure out if they fit the mold of what someone should be/say/do. Basic. Basic isn’t boring.


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