50 First Dates

How many first dates have you been on?


Ive been on a few. I think I get too emotionally invested too quickly then it fails just as fast. I have a habit of putting all my eggs in one basket verses putting the eggs in many-a baskets.

I need to go on a lot of dates with a lot of men.

Then, when I’ve had some time asking and figuring out the right questions during this season of dating, I can determine:

What do I like? What do I want? What do I not want?

(All the questions that need to be asked before choosing to spend the rest of your life with one singular person. Terrifying.)

The right one will come along and I will know what I want. I feel like I need to kiss (not really kiss) but date, a lot of frogs before the prince comes.

The Lord gave me a vision one time. I was in a castle. The castle was dark and I was afraid. There was a prison wall that would rise up and down. Then, there was Prince Charming, he tried to get through the gates two times and was blocked, unsuccessful. Then,the third time he got through the gates. He found me. Like a knight in shining armor or something. He fought for me.



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