How Do I Know God Is Real?

How do I know God is real?

I remember circling up at a young life camp during high school. We were having our small group discussion time. I remember saying, “I don’t know if God is real because I couldn’t see him.” In my mind’s eye at the time, it was hard to tell God existed because he didn’t occupy a physical geographical location. Well come about seven years later, I did have a come to Jesus moment and it changed the trajectory of my life.

I know God is real because of the radical healing that’s happened and the freedom that’s occurred through having a relationship with Jesus. I also know that God is real because I’ve had the self control to choose not to have sex for the past, 6 years come January. The cool thing about God is, He is a just and holy God.

Things you did as a non-believer don’t make sense. Things that didn’t seem wrong before are now seen as immoral.

If you have a walking relationship with God, you will know when things are blatantly sinful, such as sex before marriage. It’s not for your punishment or pain to not have sex before your marriage. The foundation of any relationship that holds the weight of sex before a wedding convenawill break. You will allow things like red flags to slip by because you are blinded. I have chosen not to have sex until I get married because it’s a biblically correct but b, it keeps me from being confused about my true north when it comes to feelings and is this person right & an actual good fit for me?

I have written a lot about dating and thoughts on dating and marital status but it’s important to me in this season. This season may last another 4 years and I need to be okay with that so in the meantime this subject may come up. Therefore you have a choice to read or to not.

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