Yes & .

A technique I have discovered with improv, is yes and.

This technique of improvisation is essentially supporting the person you are on stage with no matter what and then expanding upon that idea. Yes instead of no. You are supporting them. You are saying yes, I believe in this pseudo world and the circumstances you are creating and I am supporting you in this. I will agree with you, we will have fun and be okay, despite how silly and ludicrous it might sound. That is part of the magic: how will it all pan out?

What if life was like that? What if we supported those around us with a yes and. Despite not understanding their vision or mission or end goal, you just went with it? What if we said okay, I don’t know how this will turn but I have your back.

I mean, obviously protect people from really terrible ideas or fails or disasters IRL but at the end of the day, what if we just yes and the other person? There are no bad ideas in improv because it’s all make believe. It’s all imaginary. You are improvising. No mistakes. Yes and.

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