Preface: I swear I don’t give myself enough time to write but I think it’s also a self sabotage thing as well, 11:53 pm. And we are off…

I’m a sensitive person. I’m sensitive to what I eat. What I watch. Who I’m around and their moods. Even brushing my teeth this week I used a different tooth paste and my lips started swelling. It’s not necessarily a bad thing bc my lips had this puffy look I liked. 😉

Being a sensitive human being allows me to be more empathetic and considerate of other people. I pick up on peoples moods and needs rather quickly as well.

It has its down sides too. It makes me more reactive and maybe a little more emotional than the average bear. 🐻😉 I cry a lot. I think abrasive people are a little harsh but overall I think it works in my favor. 

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), is what they call people like me. 


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