I believe, we believe a lot of lies. Lies about ourselves, lies about other people, lies about life in general.

I recently discovered how the enemy can twist the most innocent of conversations and well meaning intentions and also vulnerabilities. It was like the veil was torn on his plan and tactics and I knew a hidden secret. The story is too detailed to disclose but I started weeping because I understood the magnitude how how much the devil hates me, hates you. Keep that in mind when plans keep getting thwarted and doors slamming and lots of mishaps,  miscommunication. Pray into it and say, God I don’t understand but you do, please give me discernment and clarity into this situation. I bind anything of the enemy that is not your will in Jesus name. Wipe your hands clean of it, that’s it. Don’t worry the Lord will always bring to fruition what he has planned. I believe some things are delayed because of supernatural causes. (Daniel 10 or 12 I believe speaks on this.) Keep fighting, keep battling. God will not allow your destiny to be delayed anymore.

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