The Kindness Card

The Kindness Card

Once upon a time there was an unhappy girl on a Wednesday evening. She was feeling strapped for cash, yet wanted to feed her body with something that would help fuel it. She had recently moved to the area and wanted to try somewhere local. She discovered a little place called Clean Juice. She walked in and was excited to see an assortment of juices with fruits and veggies. She ordered a juice with a title ‘the delicious one.’ She placed her order. The cashier proceeded to ask for 12 dollars. Twelve dollars she exclaimed, its 4 dollars cheaper in NYC. This is an outrage. She threw up her hands and continued her rant. She was annoyed. The juice was good… even if juice without ice was two dollars more. “I will never go there again,” she stated & walked out with her juice. A few weeks later she was in the area again and wanted something healthy to nourish her body. “I’ll go to clean juice, fine.” She proceeded to do this several times all the while surrendering to the price gouging. One night as she had gotten done training, she wanted CJ.

While the anti-juicer was chatting with the cashier, the juicer proceeded to pull out a card and said, “There will be no need to pay for the juice.” This card read The kindness card.’ The kindness card was to pay it forward to someone who showed kindness that went above and beyond + a juice on the house.

I’d love to think God was like, “Girl, I see how people have been treating you at work. Girl, I see how kind and considerate you’ve been to your ill, rude and disrespectful living mates. I see how those people, took your money, your time, your reputation, your career, your dreams. Girl, I see how you’ve fought with kindness and still haven’t won. Girl today, you get a kindness card. You win today. I will pull out that card in YOUR FAVOR today. I will show favor on your words and actions today. I’ve seen your continual kindness. I see how you’ve tried to honor that co-worker who refused to like you despite your attempts. I see you. Here’s your kindness card.”

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