The Xmas Rant


I  was talking with some friends tonight and I was saying to them I had been staying up way too late the past few nights, and I felt like I could feel everyone’s emotions and that I was ready for Christmas to be over. EB0BF482-3606-4E9A-9AED-4FD2452507F4.gif
Christmas to me is the most ridiculous experience ever especially in suburbia. First of all half the people who celebrate Christmas don’t believe in Jesus. This is the reason for the season. BC/AD people. Secondly, we spend all this money we don’t have for people who may or may not like what you get them, much less remember a year from now what you even get them. People are cranky and honky and lines and frustrated husbands at Ulta, looking like they want to shoot themselves.


What’s it all for? Then people over eat at all the holiday parties and then start to dialogue about how the first of the year is coming and they’ll start to loose the weight they could prevent now, then. Well, you gotta start some time but now is not the time to gorge on one more cookie. Don’t get me started on The Christmas 🍪zzz


Everyone’s buying and wrapping and scurrying around to satisfy family members and friends with 🎁 , when really we should just try and be kind year round? I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️ (I) We forget this holiday is not about consumerism. Giving back is amazing but why are we not doing this more often than not? We cram chaos and parties in this one stretch of time because societal- wise “we should.” Things don’t make sense.
Next year: I am saving $50 a month on gifts so that when Christmas does come I’m prepared in November not the 20th of December. I will be swimming in a hot 👙 (hot bod) somewhere 🌴 with some friends and family and then ⛷ to adjust back to the cold during 2019 Christmas extravaganza. Everyone will get their present on time. There will be absolutely no financial stress because I saved all year long and “not feeling bad” for not getting my loved ones more. #rant#done#maybe


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