Over The Rainbow ~

Over The Rainbow

I buy a lot of coffee from a particular coffee house here in Wilmington. I go there when I’m happy, sad and frazzled. I often times start there when I don’t know when to begin. I go through the drive through, quintessentially making me feel lazy and McDonald’s- like. On the contrary, it’s a time where I respond to texts, emails and reply with thank yous. The the two minute needs that often get overlooked. I’ve had some particularly bad days and I say, screw it, I’m getting coffee, against Dave Ramsey’s financial advice. You know what, sometimes that drive through is like my pot of gold. An invisible rainbow arches over it filled with blessings, a supernatural force field around this establishment. I’m not saying every experience I’ve had is this extreme because that’s not true. It blows my mind every time I am really bogged down, I drive through and get coffee, I feel physical and mentally lighter, as though I am driving through prayers and an outpouring of love. Just yesterday the people behind me paid for my coffee.

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