Daniel Fast //

Hi friends!

I hope all is well in your world. A lot of Christians around the world celebrate the new year by fasting such as doing  The Daniel Fast. A time of corporate prayer and worship unto the Lord. The fast is a cleansing, a reset, and an outcry for the Lord to heal us, for breakthrough. Wisdom. Knowledge. In the past, it has personally given me stronger spiritual eyes; eyes to see, ears to hear.

I don’t know what this year holds but I know the same thing that troubles me at the start of the year isn’t going to just disappear. Our financial hardships, our physical constraints, our strained marriages and relationships aren’t automatically going mend itself, once the clock strikes midnight and the year is 2019. (Just listened to a Steven Furtick podcast called the Path of Peace that touched on this thought.)

That’s not realistic. Culturally we say things like let’s kiss this year goodbye.  I agree it’s great for a fresh start buttttttt let’s be real, we have to be proactive about it. Let’s not forget there’s someone out to kill steal and destroy. I remember the year I was going to begin fasting for financial breakthrough my debit card literally declined at The Bar Chord in Brooklyn at 11:55 on New Years Eve and I wanted to die.. was this a foreshadowing of the year to come I thought?!🤨🧐😳

I lived obviously, but I won’t downplay the humiliation though. My year did have some plot twists of financial hardship but everything worked out during the season.


If you are interested in doing the Daniel fast or even fasting social media, entertainment, late night eating, sugar, whatever, do it unto God. We aren’t perfect but He knows our hearts.

I’m praying for very specific things this year. I am even giving up coffee this go round. I’m grateful to be apart of this experience and will pray for believers all around the world to experience breakthrough in areas long since overdue.


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