31 in 31 bc I am 3-1.


Here’s to dreams and unresolved conflicts. Here’s to doin’ the damn thing and choosing to not do it. Here’s to making the most of your time with what you have been given. Here’s to the nights and smiles and laughter that you won’t forget. Here’s to unforeseen sorrows and the unexpected shoulders to cry on. May your new year be merry and bright. May you kiss intentionally and slap a behind gently.Joking. Just making sure you’re awake. May you kneed (look it up) softly and pray with ferocity, as if your life depended on it. 

Here’s to 2019, may your goals be as expansive as the universe, your dreams as wide as the stars in the heavens and as magical as a princess at Christmas time. 

Keep your heart aligned to what your true values are and know if you don’t succeed, try again. Fail again. Try once more. Do it again. Be strong friend. Be strong and courageous for has the Lord not commanded you, be strong and courageous. If your enemies betray you forgive them. If I offend you please except my apology. If I make you laugh great. Here’s to proper writing. Here’s to well thought out beautifully structured sentences. Cheers to well- lived dreams: reality as your original dream. Here’s to creating characters and cinema. Here’s to laughing a little bit louder than expected. Here’s to chancing it with unexpected opportunities through people whom you least expected. Intentionality, May we breathe it. Live it. Loose the hatred, choose the best. Be educated and open ended, open minded but willing to end a conversation when duty calls || to seek the truth above all else. 

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