Purification lament

Purification lament – spots – stains- blemishes -gone

I am a messy person. I inherently collect too much paper. I spill liquids and spaghetti on my shirt.  Last fall, while I was renting a room within a historic house in downtown Wilmington I used this older couples comforter and it happened to be a pristine white. I often use my bed as a holding place and sometimes I get sloppy, hurried and set things on the bed that don’t need to be there.  Soy sauce and a greenish substance, of course, landed its way to the comforter.


When I moved out, I made sure everything including the beautiful Persian rugs were spotless and the oak wood floors restored from the 1950s were in perfect condition.  I believe when you leave a place it should be found better than when you initially moved in.   I really do try to adhere to that no matter how messy I am in the process. Well, the beautiful chiffon blanket, retro, was dirty.  I had it dry cleaned and it did not come clean.  I was ashamed when my landlord texted and said it was still un-clean.  I felt crummy.

Shameful. Unkept and imperfect.

Ann said It will never come clean.  I said, “Let me go to the professionals.”  The professionals got it out, spots specifically marked and all.  I went to drop off money today for the rental property I stay in currently (same owners). He thanked me for getting the stains out.  I said, “I couldn’t get them out, but I know somebody who could.”  My heart was cheerful.  It also makes me think about how God purifies our souls.



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