We All Need an Anthony

We All Need an Anthony.

One of my greatest strengths is that I am an idea generator. A creative.  However, my greatest weakness is that I am just that – it’s an idea, I struggle with organization and execution. A lot of pots in the fire but can I finish? I have been trying to complete a project for 3 years. It’s literally completed minus two hours of research, and spell-check.


A word that keeps coming to me lately is TIMELY. God is a God is timing. Despite what I think, no matter how slow I think God is being. WHAT IS THE FREAKING DELAYYYY?? However, in God’s wisdom, He realizes, I would drown if certain asks came to me in this season. I want to start new projects but truly, I need to finish the old. They linger around like garbage, like someone prepared, cooked, and ate the meal but left their plate in the sink.  The dish sits there because it needs to transition to the dishwasher.

I say this because I have completed a short film I had written. My friend Anthony had recently moved back to our city due to COVID and he asked, “If I needed help.” I responded with a resounding, “YES” and we got started. Anthony is an executor, a finisher, and unfinished projects bother him. I laughed silently to my head because lately, I feel unfinished, like those needlepoint projects you see at Goodwill, everything looks good, but it is half done. What happened? Did they die? Give up? Say why bother? What’s the point? Who’s going to finish it???


I had a package, I needed to mail the other day because Poshmark prefers items to be shipped within 24-48 hours.  However, the hurricane hit the hour this customer had bought the item so there was an obvious natural delay. A few days later, I am snacking in the kitchen taking a break, and I see the mailman. I remember my golden package to be shipped! I could see he was done with three out of the four mailboxes in my row.  The hot mail guy had already distributed the goods into my mailbox, so I thought what’s the use, he’s almost gone, I will wait until tomorrow.

Then, I thought it had already been two days and I didn’t want a bad review.  I run upstairs, confidently jog outside.  I see the mailman had already moved onto the next set of mailboxes. I stop and ask, what’s the point? I said, “screw it,” and started running.  I might have looked silly but I didn’t care because guess what -it got done. One less thing to remember tomorrow.

There was something about the hustle, the chase, the working for it. But, sometimes, we need an Anthony, someone who says, “Hey, lets do this. I will help you.” 


FORREST GUMP, Tom Hanks, 1994. (c) Paramount Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection. FILM STILL

Work for it. Don’t delay. Finish. Ask for what you need.


Here’s an informal invitation to the Mermaid Bathtub Premiere:

Be sure to tune on August 26th at 5:05 PM via Youtube Live.

Bye friends.

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